Monday, February 26, 2018

Heliopolis Social club

I never visit Heliopolis social club, cause of my geo locution , actually I headed a lot about how nice it is.
Wish to gain invitation from on of sweetest girls there 😊

Social clubs in egypt

The main deferent between, all Jazeera club and shooting one, is not the price of subscription, actually its the value, it's like when you put a million pounds and gain (like in all jazera club) and (10000 le like shooting club as an example) and gain total loss or nothing hhhhh

By the way, since I subscribed in 80th on shooting, the computation was near, now shooting is actually changed to be a shame on my lovely Egypt.

My recommendation, save your few amounts of money and don't subscribe , better buy gums with it hhhh

follow me to know why!!