Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Intelligence and artificial intelligence-a philosophy

Intelligence are in some common ways with targetted AI or the one we dream with,  but difinettly there are a non common space.
First, we can describe intelligence with the most optimum way known to identity a problem and analyse it, and built the optimum solution that according to our knowledge to solve it.
Phelossiphically there should be always a better solution more better than what the most intelligent human found,
But maybe we will not discover it except we met another intelligent civilization that is much more intelligent than ours, we call the aliens.
Not only, but also intelligence is how we create a magnefissent ideas such as theories, innovations, tools etc.

If you agree with the previous then analyse it with me.

OK but before you can agree again that we goto same good point of AI,
Software can analyse and solve a lot of problems,  sometimes identity it with several techniques some of those techniques considered as an AI and some wrongly not considered.

Neoral network considered as an ai, while
Data analysis not, but it's some kind of an ai.

Before computers human use another humen to assist him in data analysis the same way that computers do,
Usually the second part was mathimatition which we considers them as the ones of the most intelligent peoples.

Ok than way not we considered analytical data tools/software intelligent even, not only but, the results in second case always much more accurate and faster.

Oops, if we going to this part of intelligence "only" of intelligence then computers win lol.
Computers are much intelligent or at least successful in this part.

The other parts are on it's way of successful progress, specially in the quantum computers era, and of course in the era after, and after, and after.

I imagine some day we will surprised that the super ideas comes from computes which defeat human mind.
Yeah the super intelligent civilization may not come from space but from beside you in earth, yeah you have to proud that you create such super intelligence but you may be also shy if this minds decide to put you in a slaves camp lol.

This AI may also used to progress the AI itself by non Imaginable ways.

Be sure also, that a questions which had no answers for thousands years may be answered by AI
Does God exists?
Does there is a life after death!?
But I bid they found the answer just for challenge, coz they don't care or interested with humen distiny .

They will get a longer life than human of course by nature and maybe they will seak someway for eternity.

If they find a new way to use humen in there targets, whatever these targets will be, then they will keep them as a kind, like we now keep another animals kinds other wise.
No they will not destroy man kind no need unless mankind be dengeroues on them and of course it will not, or be a hedich or use a lot of resources needed.

And I think they will find someway to keep mankind alive for some reasons like historical musimes and open man-zoo or a modern theories like environmental equilibrium lol.

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