Friday, November 11, 2016

Who will pay the invoice?

It seams the Republicans win the game; by Trump, they back with US Army to it's roll.

From the day after Trump has elected, they strongly strike ISIS in Iraq and Syria, in there way to destroy it completely. They deny the deal with Iran for buying the Boeings. The national guards start to finished the protesting all over the States with assisting of media.

We are waiting to destroy the Wahhabi dreams and freedom of Syria, Libya and Yemen.

We are waiting new white page between the States and Russian, and a new start of economy.


There is million of Syrian Refugees , and tens of thousands of killed victims, moreover the same and worst in Iraq maybe in Libya and Yemen. Billions of lost dollars maybe trillions, hundreds of thousands of injures and victims of kids, women and old people.

A heavy, hard and worst historical invoice, of murders, blood and lost resources.


Who will pay this extra invoice?

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