Monday, November 7, 2016

Mubarak as a great professional manager and president

He was not a genius leader like Sadat, even a charismatic like Nasser, moreover not a one who has a motive to build an empire or a great nation such as Mohammad Ali pasha.

But, Mubarak was a professional manager, since he was an officer and a fighter at the Egyptian army

He ever have the most two important professional management and resource planning/management skills, human resources planning and time planning.

He always has the right person to the right position, Atef Sedky, Nazif, ebid, etc. as PMs, Oqda for National Central Bank. Abu Gazala, Abu Shnaf,  Halaby, Tantawy, etc. for army. Omar Soliman for central intelligence. Maybe all or most of them not even geniuses, but all of them was the best choice at there time.

To get a correct person in the right position in a suitable time,  is a high professionally management skill, I am wondering he gain this skills from studying at military college, experience in army then as a president, by nature, or what. But, he got these skills and use em professionally.

Now, to the second and most important skill, time management.

He has the honor to share president Sadat in deciding the time of 1973 war, against Israel, and to chose the time of escaping with aircrafts and fighters to Arabia and other Arab countries, not only but also, the time of retirement of field Marshal Abu Gazala, the time to back with Egypt to arab world, the time to deal with Iraq and Saddam and of course the time of break over with that deal and share strongly in Kuwait freedom war.

My conclusion, he was a great professional "manager" and we as Egyptian must study his history and his life, to learn from his experience, in addition to thank him for this loyalty and experience life.

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